The most powerful turbowarp programming language

Inside originOS, OSL allows you to create scripts and windows easily!



Accessing data about the window

Controlling the window

Drag and drop

Window Toggles

Use the default window buttons

Runtime Variables

All default variables

All global variables

About global variables

Creating global variables

Editing global variables

Mouse Cursor

Setting the mouse cursor

Cursor styles

Getting the current cursor


What is an osl event?

Creating a keypress event

Creating a logical event

All event triggers


Accessing data in timestamps

Handling timestamps

Time Variables

Data Types

Casting data types

Finding a type

Data type examples

Using Json


Defining json structures

Official Json Docs

Data type examples

Text Boxes

Creating A Ui Text Box

Customising Text Boxes

Getting Text Box Data

Colour Picker

Using the colour picker

Getting colour data

Handling colour data

Popup Input

How to use the .ask method

Handling user input

Keys and input

Getting data about the mouse

Getting key press data

Simulating Inputs

Setting up our permissions

Simulate a Key Press

Simulating a mouse click

File Handling

Opening and modifying files

OFSF14 formatting

Getting file matadata

Default File types

Save Data

Saving data to the user's origin account

Getting save data

Handling missing save data

Example save data system

Permission System

All Permissions

Requesting permissions

Getting my permissions

Handling missing permissions

Importing files

Using the import command

Example uses of the import command

Include Command

What is the include command?

How to use the include command

Examples of the include command


Setting up an iframe

Getting data from an iframe

Moving and resizing iframes

Removing iframes

Http commands

Creating a new http request

Sending data to a discord webhook

Http command list

OSL networking

Sending data to the origin server

Networking with other users

Client - Server in osl

Video Player

Using the video player component

Accompanying commands

Creating a custom video player ui

Osl Gpt

Setting up a basic chat

Getting data from the chat

Generating images

Managing chatbots

OSL Error Codes

Error list